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Hi, I'm Brenton Garen, founder of The Garen Group!

We offer small businesses and companies three really simple business strategies to quickly increase profits.

1) Do you want more ​guaranteed sales leads?

We have a simple system that gets more​ leads via Facebook ads - you get the ​targeted person's full name, email address and phone number.

2) Do you want more new customer calls?

We can help improve your online visibility to increase the number of phone calls via Google Maps strategies.

3) Do you want more genuine customer reviews?

We help improve online review ratings on Google, Facebook and Yelp via review management strategies to get you more genuine customer reviews.

3 Easy Ways To Grow Your Business


​We implement a Facebook marketing funnel strategy for lead generation. We take care of competitive research so you can dominate your market and reach more people.

We will create copy for ads, which is cohesive with your brand’s voice and the messaging on the relevant URLs for each campaign.

You get targeted leads (name, email, phone number) of people interested in your product or service delivered right to your email inbox!

A monthly marketing call is included to discuss ads, reporting & updates.


Being at the top of Google Maps will bring you more new calls in a month than any other source. Period.

We will rank your business on page one of Google Maps within the next 30-60 days.

You only start paying once you have closed paying new customers and clients from our efforts.

It's estimated that if you are in the top three positions on Google Maps for the major keyword terms searched by your potential customer or client, you stand to take down 50% or more of the traffic for that keyword.


Customer and client reviews are one of the most effective types of marketing you can do for your business.

Only *you* can’t do anything – customers and clients have to spread the good word about your business or company for you.

So what’s the solution?

We help automate the process of asking, reminding and guiding your customers/clients to leave a review, making it easy for happy customers/ clients to leave positive reviews while we simultaneously intercept bad reviews before they get posted online.

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