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 Affordable Small Business Marketing That Gets More Customers

We offer small businesses two of the most important marketing services to get more customers.

First, we implement software to automate review requests for Google and Facebook that increases the number of 5-star reviews.

Second, we implement high-converting Facebook ads to target your audience while using software that converts leads into paying customers.

Facebook Ads Management

15 Days To Experience One Of Our Best Facebook Campaigns

Professional Ads, Targeting & Instant App Alerts For Your Team!

Here are the 5 top reasons why local businesses fail when running their own Facebook ads:

❌ Bad ad copy & offer

❌ Bad image selection

❌ Bad audience targeting

❌ Bad ad testing process

❌ Bad follow-up process

Keep reading to learn how we help you succeed in 3 simple steps!

1. 'Crazy Promotion' Ad Campaign

If you don't have a Facebook business page, we'll create one free-of-charge!

For the 15-day trial, we'll run our 'Crazy Promotion' ad campaign (below) that will get you dozens of potential new local customers that you can up-sell other services until their quote meets your minimum call-out threshold!

2. Capture Customer Information

When someone clicks on the 'Get Offer' button, they will be prompted to enter their name, email and phone number to redeem the CRAZY offer.

Once they submit their information, the ad then encourages them to call your business immediately to get a bonus service free-of-charge!

Again, you can up-sell them on other services until their quote meets your minimum call-out threshold!

3. Instant App Alerts For Your Team

If the person doesn't click the button to call you immediately, we have an awesome follow-up plan!

As soon as they submit their information, you (or your salesperson) will receive an instant alert via our Lead Owl app that you must download on your phone (included free in trial).

This customer information can to be sent to one person's app or they can be distributed evenly among your sales team.

The salesperson can call them immediately with one-click inside the app to book the person's appointment. 

If the person doesn't answer, the salesperson can also text or email them with one click using one of our customizable templates set-up within the app!

This is the simple interface within the Lead Owl app:

Review & Reputation Management

15 Days To Experience Our Awesome Platform

Professional Review Requests That Are Completely Automated!

Here are the 3 top reasons why people don't leave reviews:

❌ Most people forget

❌ Most people don't have time

❌ Most people don't know how to do it

We solve all three reasons by automating the process of asking, reminding and guiding happy customers to leave an online review while reaching unhappy customers before they bad-mouth you on the internet.

1. Quick & Easy Review Requests

Add the person's name, email and/or phone number (either one-at-a-time or in an Excel spreadsheet).

2. Customer Receives Review Request

The person will receive a sequence of up to three emails and/or text messages inviting them to leave a review.

3.  Customer Confirms Experience

Our thumbs up/thumbs down process makes sure only positive reviews make it online - see steps 4 & 5.

4. "Thumbs Up" - Review Site Buttons Shown

If the person clicks thumbs up, review site buttons are shown, which takes them to the exact place to write a review online.

5. "Thumbs Down" - Internal Feedback Form Shown

If the person clicks thumbs down, a feedback form appears, which is forwarded to your inbox, not any of the review sites.

How To Get Started

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